Upskilling provides a valuable opportunity to learn new and develop existing skills. In turn, this helps to fill employer skills gaps, increasing business productivity, and contributing to the overall prosperity of the local area and beyond. Due to industry-wide skills shortages, rail, electrical, construction and engineering are known to benefit more heavily from upskilling.

This article aims to provide information on how to upskill your engineering workforce, including the benefits and what options are available for funded upskilling routes.

Skills Bootcamps for Engineering

City & Guilds Training, the training arm of City & Guilds, has recently secured further funding from the Department for Education to deliver a new wave of Skills Bootcamps over the next two years across England.

With courses lasting up to 16 weeks, Skills Bootcamps provide learners with the opportunity to upskill in their industry, taking them into either a new role or a promotion within their existing organisation. Meanwhile, Skills Bootcamps allow employers to fill skills gaps by upskilling existing workers or recruiting new starters via Skills Bootcamps.

Who is Eligible for Skills Bootcamps for Engineering?

Skills Bootcamps are aimed at adults, aged 19+, who are in full-time/part-time employment, unemployed or self-employed and live in England.

There are typically two elements to Skills Bootcamps from an employer perspective. Firstly, there are employers who are looking to upskill their existing employees to fill a particular skills gap. In this instance, employees will continue to earn their current wage while they upskill.

Secondly, there are employers in engineering who may be struggling to recruit and will therefore look to Skills Bootcamps to fill positions with new learners. In this circumstance, learners will not earn a wage while they upskill, but they will move up the career ladder thanks to the sought after engineering skills they will have acquired on said bootcamps.

What Are the Benefits of Skills Bootcamps for Engineering?

Upskilling in engineering via Skills Bootcamps has a range of benefits for both employers and learners.

Upskilling benefits for employers:

  • Fill vital skills gaps, increasing business productivity.
  • Utilise a pre-made course that suits your training needs.
  • Upskill your workforce for less with subsidised rates available.
  • Improve recruitment rates.
  • Foster a more able and adaptable local workforce.

Upskilling benefits for learners:

  • Provides a direct path to a job on completion for those out of work.
  • Leads to career progression, and in turn better pay and opportunities.
  • Fully funded with no cost to learners.
  • Earn why you upskill for those completing a Skills Bootcamp via their existing employer.

How Are Skills Bootcamps Funded?

If you are an employer or self-employed looking to upskill your workforce, we have funding opportunities available.

For SMEs, defined as a company with fewer than 250 employees, Skills Bootcamps are 90% funded, upskilling the existing workforce across a variety of sectors. For large enterprises, defined as a company with 250+ employees, 70% of the cost of upskilling the existing workforce will be funded. Skills Bootcamps are fully funded for learners (by the Department for Education).

Your Next Steps to Upskilling Your Engineering Workforce with Skills Bootcamps

In partnership with Intertrain and City & Guilds Training- Electrical (both part of the City & Guild Training family) we can offer a range of Skills Bootcamps in engineering, as well as construction and manufacturing. Find out more about our Skills Bootcamps here or apply today.